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Android Native Applications

Android Native Applications

For better security and performance level

Native apps are usually developed to work on a single mobile platform using the native programming language. For instance, Java for Android, Objective-C for iOS and .net for Windows.

Once the app is developed and launched, it can be installed from the Google play (For Android), iTunes App store (For iOS) & Microsoft app store (For Windows).


Pros of Native Mobile Apps

With native apps, it is easier to integrate all the mobile device features such as camera, GPS, fingerprint security, sensors, gyroscope and much more.

• Easily available in standard play stores

• Native Apps Provide a Recognizable Look and Feel

• Native Apps Maintain Aspect Ratios

• Native Apps Work Offline

• Offers better security and performance level


Mobile App Development Cost Factors

• Apart from scanning health records to help providers identify chronically ill individuals who may be at a risk of an adverse stage, AI can help doctors, clinicians take a more comprehensive approach for disease management, better care plans and help patients to better manage with their long-term treatment programmes.

  • • App Platforms and Environment

  • • Number of App Screens
  • • Complexity of the Screens

  • • Ecommerce and In-App Purchases.
  • • Integration with the Third Party APIs

  • • Support for Multiple Mobile Screen Resolutions

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid Applications

Combination of languages

Typically built with the combination of languages, including CSS 3, HTML 5 and JavaScript. Unlike Native apps, Hybrid app development doesn’t need separate efforts for each mobile platform.

They are developed once and can be made available in all the app stores to be downloaded.


Pros of Using Hybrid applications

They are built from special frameworks that enable the smooth interactions between app’s interface and some of Smartphone’s native features and its hardware. For this to be possible, it requires cross-platform APIs. Any web developer skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript can ably create high-quality hybrid apps.

• Low cost with ease of development

• Creative ideas meet target audience

• Native experience with simple backend

• High-speed performance

• Attractive UI/UX designs

• Hassle-free integration with other apps


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