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Data Analytics

What Is Data Analytics

Data analytics refers to the set of all quantitative and qualitative approaches for deriving valuable insights from data.

  • Marketing analytics
  • Human resource analytics
  • Google's web analytics
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Data Mining

Any data mining technique first begins by gathering relevant information from the vast pool of data. We start by eliminating useless information and duplicate records. Thus, what we are left with is the correct set of relevant data.



Then we start building the prototypes. We set goals and expectations. We build multiple models which may or may not lead the same result. By developing different models, we determine the most useful one.



Finally, We test the model and compare it with your old data set. Once thoroughly tested, We can use the new data set in order to draw inferences, identify patterns and make predictions for your business. You can also compare the outcomes.

Big Data At TantraByte

A very hot term used for solving today's data management challenges which cannot be solved by traditional databases due to increasing volume, variety and velocity as well as data available and collected can be in structured and unstructured forms. Big Data is important to us in terms of speed, efficiency, utilizing other platforms as well as early detection of business failure. We provides services for challenging bigdata problems so that an exact solution is provided according to the request made by our clients alongwith intuition that impact business outcomes and help in customer pleasure.


Data Science At TantraByte

Tantrabyte's Data Science Practice provides the complete services from consulting to implementation, providing the information and insights required for all digital transformation plans. Data science helps brands to understand their customers in a much increased and authorised manner. Customers are the base of any brand and have a great role to play in their success and failure. With the use of data science, brands can connect with their customers , thereby undergoing better brand power


Managed Analytics At TantraByte

Managed analytics offers a good choice to many of the challenges companies face today. By deploying the analytics technology and inspanning an analytics mindset you can get the capabilities and understanding offered by leading in-house solutions faster and in a well organised way. By using our services you can get benefits such as technology expertise, industry knowledge, leadership and better skill set to labor cost ratios.


Data Management At TantraByte

Knowing more about your business, as soon as you can is good. Whether you are experiencing profits or not it becomes important to know so that you can take corrective actions according to it. But everyone doesn't have good business sense, for this you need a business analyst. Many organizations want to update their Business Intelligence infrastructures and working including data quality, information management and data integration to improve sharpess and effectiveness. However, they don’t know how and where to start. At Tantrabyte, we think a profit-making Business Intelligence services strategy is not just about providing the correct information, it is about providing the right information to the right people at the right time.


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