Lets Play With Data !

We are a research and development focused organization which provides technologically advance solutions using AI, ML, & IOT.



Chatbot: Let 24/7 functioning, intelligent, self-improving chatbots to handle queries and transfer customers to live agents when needed. Reduce customer service costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Optimize marketing communication: Increase your sales by engaging the right customers and retarget those customers who already showed interest in your product or services.

Data Management & Monitoring: Save time by automating manual, repetitive tasks and keep your data high quality for advanced analytics.

Market Basket Analysis: Predict future decisions and choices on large scale using Market Basket Analysis, which is traditional tool for data analysis. It mainly depends on the considerable amount of data collected by customers’ transactions.

Predictive Analytics: Predict prices, customer lifetime value and the stock market moves through understanding social media, news trends and other data sources.

Agriculture: Our Nano Satellites provide superior spacial data that gives heat maps for vegetation, hydro level & multispectral images

Our Services

Expolre Our Data Services

IOT and Robotics

Tantrabyte aims to use IOT and robotics to better contribute to the society's welfare and Research.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence based models which are easy to implement for maximization of resource utilization.

Machine Learning

Application of machine learning to get the most out of data for improved business decisions.


Processing and working on data collected while driving for enhancing performance and reducing losses.

Defense Sector

Conducting researches to come up with solutions and advance technologies for the defense and security.

Agricultural Drones

Introducing simple automation and Artificial Intelligence technology in agricultural management system.

Data Analytics

Are you ready for a better, more productive business

Through data analysis, business operators can get a clearer view of what they are doing efficiently and inefficiently within their organizations. When a problem is identified, professionals with an analytics background are capable of answering crucial questions such as:

  • What was the cause of the problem? (Reports)
  • Why did it happen? (Diagnosis)
  • What will happen in the future? (Predictions)
  • What is the best way forward? (Recommendations)
Our Working Process

Data Mining



Any data mining technique first begins by gathering relevant information from the vast pool of data. You start by eliminating useless information and duplicate records. Thus, what you are left with is the correct set of relevant data.



Then you start building the prototypes. You set your goals and expectations from the gathered data. You can build multiple models which may or may not lead to the same result. By developing different models, you can determine the most useful one. This can be a laborious task since you are applying different models on the same set of data.



Finally, you test the model and compare it with your old data set. Once thoroughly tested, you can use the new data set in order to draw inferences, identify patterns and make predictions for your business. You can also compare the outcomes of new data against the old data.


Software Developement Services

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